Is Trump, the Silver Bullet For The Zombie Republican Party?

Unknown-1It’s been a a while since I posted because I haven’t been overly-thrilled with the Obama administration, the republican congress or any elected officials in general.  But now, with a new election looming,  I’m wondering if Trump, was actually hired by the republican party to shake up the “zombie” like candidates currently running for the office of president?  The republican party, has become very wishy washy over the last several years, afraid to speak up, speak the truth or “man-up” to the ugliness that surrounds us all. The Snarky Navel, has been yawning, bitching, seething and totally disgusted by the way they have handled everything!  Maybe, they have seen the light and decided to send in a “silver bullet” to awaken the zombies of the republican party!

The silver bullet seems to be working as many of these candidates like Rubio, Carson and Fiorina are killing the debates with their stanch republican views.

I sure hope silver bullets work on zombies like an explosive energy pill instead of killing them dead like vampires!

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