OMG – Obama Must Go!

Clovis is the gateway to California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains making the city a delight for travelers passing through her quaint historic “Old Town.” The entire community comes together annually every April for the Clovis Fest – Arts & Craft Event, Big Hat Day and then, at the end of the month, the best dang patriotic Rodeo this side of Texas rolls into town.  Folks come from all over the state to see the exciting rodeo, concerts and family fun parade. In fact, this little town puts on quite a show making the entire four-day rodeo event very memorable.

So, the Snarkette packed up her saddle bags and rode into town on a beautiful Friday afternoon excited and ready to experience all the down-home fun of the rodeo. To my snarky surprise, I spotted a t-shirt vendor selling his stuff at a gas station on a corner just leading into Old Town Clovis. Now, it wasn’t the t-shirts that made me whoop and holler it was the sign behind the vendor’s wares. The sign was huge,  hard to miss and it read: OMG!   Any right-winged conservative gal like me sees this kind of sign and knows immediately that this savvy vendor has goods for sale with suggestions stating that Obama Must Go!   OMG!!!

On Saturday, I made my way to the gas station to purchase OMG t-shirts. I laughed and cried at his array of goods. It was a conservative’s dream shop and as I stood there staring in total awe like a kid in a candy store it hit me like a shot in the foot. I noticed the huge OMG sign was gone! WTF?  I asked the vendor “where is that fabulous sign I saw here yesterday?”  READ this next line carefully friends:  It seems, that Obama’s Democratic posse in Clovis ponied up their liberal donkeys and rode to the gas station, dismounted and strode into the gas station owners office.  Once inside, they stroked their spit filled mustaches and told the gas station owner TO REMOVE THE SIGN!” Now the vendor didn’t want to cause the gracious gas station owner any trouble with these outlaws so he removed his sign. Who, do these liberal moronic thugs think they are? Last I checked we still live in a country where Freedom of Speech is a RIGHT and this vendor had every “right” to display his sign.

It gets even worse. After discussing the sign issue with friends, they told me that during Clovis Fest, the Democratic black-hats whined to the Fresno Bee about their table position at the event.  These asses indicated that they had been deliberately placed by the organizers at the far end of the venue.  Give me a break!  When questioned, organizers stated that this event is on a first come basis for venue placement. This leads any intelligent thinking cowboy or cowgirl to realize that the whiners aren’t very organized and they registered too late thus giving them event placement closer to the outhouse!

Outlaws who take away a persons Right to Free Speech are nothing more than cow dung! Mark my snarky words, come November 2012, a brand new Sheriff will ride into town and boot-kick these liberal outlaws into the water trough thus cleansing them of their stink!

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  1. Christy Wiseman says:

    If you think this is bad, check out the new bill passed by
    both houses that forbids protest within earshot of any secret service person (even if you don’t know they are there) and is a felony! I think the number is ors 237, but I could be wrong. If we don’t vote this guy out, we will lose all our precious freedoms, but he isn’t the only one who needs to go. Check voting records and vote out those who are his lackeys too.

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