Re-Election of Despair & Stagnation

It’s 2012 folks and we only have a few months to mentor, advise and shake the living crap out of the liberal left “undecided” voters still scratching their heads at what they should do come election day. Many of these confused voters bowed down in adulation in 2008 when their God appeared in all his glory encouraging them to push for ‘Hope & Change.”  This chameleon of many secrets promised his followers a utopia full of transparency the likes of which they had never known. He twisted his ugly lies into eloquent wording of fairy tales so that the children would only hear what he wanted them to hear. When he smiled, twinkling stars appeared at the corners of his mouth and his eyes hid the real truth behind his deceit!

Four years later, Obama followers are starting to see-the-light and they are beginning to awaken to the reality of his lies. Even they can see, that re-electing this “Man Who Never Should Have Been President” was an error in their thinking and four more years would truly ruin this country forever!

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