Captain Bullshit Is Stalking The Sheeple

Captain Bullshit has decided, that golfing, traveling and destroying America isn’t enough to satisfy his narcissistic self. Nope! He’s hitting the campaign trail to try and win re-election in 2012.  His bullshit will be flying between teleprompter’s all across the nation as he promises to continue the “change” of destruction he has been making as president. The little sheeple will crawl all over their herds to catch a glimpse of his twinkling white smile and they will shake their fluffy wool at the excitement he induces in each of them.  They will scream “baa, Baa, BAA” in joy and adoration as the deceitful lies pour from his mouth. And then, when he has moved on, they will run to their neighbors farm and tell the other sheeple how wonderful their super hero is!

If elected again, Captain Bullshit will emerge a winner. He will travel to each farm with giant shears made of gold and he will rob the little sheeple of all their precious wool.  He will leave the sheeple cold, hungry, homeless, un-employed and drowning in debt as he continues his life as a Super Lier and Thief! The Bullshit family will spend another four years golfing, traveling and humiliating America while wearing expensive clothes made of soft wool and stuffing their big mouths with pricey lamb chops!

Wake up little ignorant sheeple because your god is a wolf in disguise wearing a super hero costume and his canine teeth are drooling for your votes!

Run, little sheeple run because Captain Bullshit is stalking his next meal!


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  1. mom says:

    wellll, this is the best…you sure told the truth..he will take everything from us, while he lives a life of luxury.

  2. Scott Ferrarello says:

    If that parasite wasn’t given the keys to the kingdom from the Bilderbergs…he couldn’t get a job pumping gas.

  3. Christy Wiseman says:

    This is so right on. I can’t believe people are still
    falling for his silver tongued B.S. when they can so
    easily see through it, if they’ll only look at what he does.
    Talk about the walk being different than the talk!!

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