Weiner Refund

As a hard working taxpayer, I am demanding a full refund for the tax dollars that I contributed to help pay Anthony Weiner’s salary as a congressman. In addition, if Weiner chooses not to resign his office, then I must insist that Congress fire his ass immediately! In other words, Your Fired!

The arrogant narcissistic nerve of many politicians is out of control and Weiner’s social sexual exhibition clearly screams for a more professional demeanor from America’s government leaders. The Weiner, was suppose to be doing the work of the people but decided to waste valuable time and tax resources to try and become Americas newest male Playmate! The liberal media has played down his follies and have even indicated that he is intelligent enough to become New York’s next Mayor. Now let’s be serious here, would New Yorkers really want a moron with less common sense than a 12-year old running their great city?

To make things even worse, I heard on my local radio station, that if Weiner had insisted on a federal investigation into the hacking that he said so maliciously “exposed” him, he would have been liable for false statements! WTF? The little weasel lied to the American people for ten long days before coming clean about his ugly games.  Can we really trust any government official who lies at all? Isn’t a lie, a LIE? Weiner’s own democratic buddies are distancing themselves and urging him to resign pronto. As we all know, elections are coming up and politicians will kill their own to save their own political asses!

Now for the icing on the cake. Weiner recently called his good buddy Bill Clinton, who officiated at the wedding nuptuals of Weiner and his bride one year ago to apologize for his social sexual follies.

An apology from one “Weiner to Another” is so ludicrous it makes for yet another WTF? moment!

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