Raise Two Middle Fingers

Go ahead, admit it. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid. You know, that there have been several times when you have wanted to raise a middle finger to your boss! In fact, you wanted to raise two middle fingers and say WTF?  I got this Maxine cartoon in an email this morning and I laughed out loud. But then I thought shit, this is true. Too many times during our working lives, our bosses, have the audacity to dump work on our desk late in the day just as they are heading out the door to go home. Again I say “WTF?”

So the next time this happens, I want you to  raise those middle fingers in pride and shake them hard! Throw out some ugly four-letter words making sure your face is red with anger  and pump those middle fingers high in the air! Stomp those feet, sweep your hand across your desk dumping tons of paper onto the floor and then, raise those middle fingers in a final salute to the ass-hole who has ruined your day once again.

WARNING:  Please, wait until your boss has driven away from the office, leaving you alone with all that extra work to do before you show your true feelings and your two middle fingers!

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