Obamastein And His Evil Creator

Have you ever wondered just where Obama came from? After seeing this picture of him I think I might have an answer to that curious question.  That giant scar on his head holds the all important clue. It’s widely known, that George Soros is Obama’s puppet master. But has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe Obama is one of George’s lab experiments? You know, an evil scientific experiment that went horribly wrong like “Frankenstein” only worse! To help control this arrogant  monster ugly old George created a bride to help keep the monster in check.  That’s right my friends, the devils spawn wanted to rule America but knew that even with all his power and money no intelligent person would ever vote for him.  So, he did the next best thing.  He descended down into his underworld lab and with all the evil resources available to a man of his wealth he invented the Beast and its Mate!

Let’s STOP the Madness! The horror show must end in 2012.  When you see the name Obamastein on your ballot move away from that scary place and cast your VOTE for a real AMERICAN!

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  1. mom says:

    You got this one exactly right..

  2. Scott Ferrarello says:

    Actually…I was thinking that about the creature he calls his “wife”. Only Michelle could find a way ride the coat tails of a homosexual.

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