Hydrogen Barackside the Poison of America

This cartoon originated in Scotland and has been making its way around the email circuit.  I received it this morning and after digesting its contents, it was obvious that I needed to spread the word about this potent elixir.  In fact, “Hydrogen Barackside” should have a second warning label that reads “Hazardous To Your Financial Wealth!” While the rest of the world just laughs at Obama’s easy destruction of America “We The People” are allowing it to happen!  WTF?

The Internet is buzzing with the many reasons why Barack Obama will win an overwhelming victory in 2012.  Will Obama win re-election because he’s been a strong president since taking office?  No, it’s because the American people are ignorant of economics. Economics are the main reason why this socialist left-wing loon should be defeated. However, the American sheeple will probably continue drinking the sweetened elixir and sit back and watch while Obama leads this nation into total financial ruin.

WARNING: Please remove all bottles of “Hydrogen Barackside” from your medicine cabinets and dump the contents carefully. Once your body has rid itself of this poison head directly to your computers, TVs and radios. Grab those newspapers and books and begin absorbing the wealth of information out there about this man and his policies. America, has “dumbed down” and NOW its time to get smart! Start kick those lazy brains of yours so that YOU can make an intelligent decision before you cast a vote for president!  Remember, your financial health and wealth depend on your intelligent VOTE!

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  1. mom says:

    so true…I knew the world was laughing at us..this just proves it..you hit the nail as usual

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