Obama And Chicago Style Politics

We all know, that our president, made his way to the top office with nasty Chicago style politics. To start off the game, Obama virtually emerged from the sewers of Chicago a total unknown. Then, his ugly henchmen bullied a pathway for him so that he could become president without a hitch. Obama’s mentor, the evil godfather George Soros, funded the entire game making the win, a slam-dunk!  The Jr. Godfather, promised transparency and a total “Change” in the way our government would be run and all the while he was lying through his arrogant white smile. The only changes that this mafia warlord  made is to increase our national debt, put America on a path to total socialism and degrade our country at every opportunity possible.  This gangster, can’t prove his citizenship, can’t tell you how his education was funded, flops between Islam and Christianity and can’t make one decent intelligent decision.  Now, after total failure, Jr. has decided to run again for four more years as our president.  WTF? And, rubbing salt into America’s open wound, he has chosen Chicago as his campaign headquarters where his beloved henchmen will once again run another Mafia style campaign. It’s going to be another bumpy ride my friends.  The devils teleprompter, will provide him, the deceiving words he will need to use as he addresses the liberal sheeple while traveling on the Mafia campaign train. Wake up America, four more years of this moron as our president will surely sink this country into the depths of total darkness!

The time is “Right” for the American people to issue a great big Pink Slip to this guy!

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