Burka Barbie, The Immaterial Girl

What is happening at the Mattel toy company?  Mattel, manufactured 500 Burka Barbie’s for sale at auction to help little girls of Islamic religion have a doll they could identify with. WTF?   What toy company would help promote Islamic sharia law that FORCES women to wear a burka?  Sharia law endorses physical violence forcing women into oppression, encouraging them to hide the shame that sharia doctrine claims women are born with and literally strips away all their human rights!  The male driven Islamic society  preaches that women are immaterial, irrelevant, irredeemable and totally invisible! Is the Mattel company completely blind to what can happen to a woman who refuses to wear a burka?  Listen up Mattel, there are immigrant fathers killing their Westernized, native-born daughters for their refusal to wear burkas or submit to radical Islamic sexist oppression!  Is this horrific treatment of women what Mattel wants to represent in their Barbie doll?

I find the entire auction disgusting! If Mattel is trying to be politically correct, they have gone way too far for my taste!


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