Pink Poodles Are Destroying My Blog!

I started the Snarkynavel due to my frustration with our current government and I thought that maybe I could blow off some steam with my snarky words.  Then, one day while walking at the beach in Santa Monica, I noticed this chick walking with a hot pink colored poodle.  I’m totally blown away by this spectacle and I find myself actually feeling sorry for this damned dog.  On my way home, I kept thinking to myself “what moron dyes a poodles hair pink?”  She so obviously wanted to be noticed strolling down the beach-walk in her over-the-top Wal-Mart outfit, kick-ass stilettos and the imitation Louis Vuitton handbag hanging off her arm.  To make doubly sure that no one missed her, she had this poor hot pink poodle in tow!  The entire scene was disgusting and almost laughable!

Anyone who walks in Santa Monica knows, that you are not there to show off your pink poodle.  People are there to walk, ride bikes, skate or tour around on Segway’s.  There are muscle men working out, groups of volleyball players hitting the sand and diners enjoying the sites while they consume food from Perry’s little beach cafes.  There are plenty of dogs too walking with their human friends or catching the sea breeze while they ride in a bicycle basket.  But the dogs aren’t PINK or walking with a person who thinks she’s the next big movie star to hit Hollywood!

I was so totally pissed off by the site of a pink poodle walking at the beach that I decided to write a blog about it just to vent a little.  And what happened?  Instead of people reading my blogs about our screwed up government, many of my blog site visitors only want to read about Hot Pink Poodles!  WTF!  Hey folks, do you not care about the mess our government is in??  Pink poodles are not, I repeat NOT as important as our unemployment, sagging debt and the whack job liberal loons in the House and Senate.

Please, give up the pink poodle bullshit because there is nothing we can do for that poor little dog. In fact, her “want-to-be-seen” human is more than likely one of the leftist nuts who support the crap that is ruining our country.

Please: Just say “NO” to the pink!

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  1. mom says:

    good blog…but the pink poodle people are as bad as the Charlie Sheen people…really people there are more important things going on !!!!

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