GOP Runs With Scissors

The GOP has grown very large scissor hands and they are ready to slice away at Obama’s 14.1 trillion dollar debt.  Run, spendthrift RUN! That big fat arrogant smile won’t help you now and those lies you’re always mouthing won’t help you either.  You have spun this country into a debt that most Americans can’t even fathom and yet you still blame the Bush administration for the country’s current fiscal problems.  Wake up to the reality Dude!  You and your liberal cohorts just refuse to stop spending.  You’re all like a bunch of teenagers with their first credit card running through the Mall of America.  Well, your credit card company is run by the American taxpayer and WE have  decided to run your credit cards through the shredder! Obama, YOU and your shopping DemocRat buddies need a huge dose of reality. The BIG GOP scissors are sharp and ready to CUT your spending spree.  So, put your little child-sized scissors away because this country doesn’t need Origami we need CUTS….Great BIG CUTS!

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  1. mom says:

    ok, I’m loving this one…the GOP as Scissor hands…lmao

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