Pelosi, CODEL Queen of the Air Force

Photoshop credit: Bucktown Dusty

Nancy Pelosi spent quite a tidy sum of taxpayer green during her tenure as Speaker of the House.  It seems Judicial Watch recently uncovered documents detailing the ex-Speaker’s extravagant travels from January 1st through October 1, 2010.  This spendthrift hag logged 43 trips covering 90,155 miles in nine short months.  That averages out to about five trips per month. WTF!

The U.S. Air Force provided detailed shopping lists to Judicial Watch which itemized food and drinks totaling $1,821.33 for 22 flights enabling the Grand Dame to entertain in style while flying the friendly skies.  NO documentation was provided for the other 21 flights causing this taxpayer to wonder, WHY?  Maybe, the Air Force was given strict instructions by Pelosi to hide, shred or set afire the other documented expenses.  After all, the American public was already angry about the $101,429.14 she spent for in-flight expenses during a previous two-year period and possibly she wanted to avoid any ugliness that might erupt from her lavish lifestyle.

While this Bitch was eating chocolate covered strawberries, egg salad sandwiches, fresh fruit and had her own personal bar stocked better than any pub, many American families were struggling to put food on the dinner table every night.

The U.S. Air Force is responsible for supplying military escorts when the Speaker’s office makes a request for travel.  In addition, the Speaker’s office can request travel arrangements for other members of the House who also want to fly in high style.  The Air Force refers to these elaborate “special” trips as CODEL’s and they have exploded in number and cost.

This snarky gal thinks the arrogant Ms. Pelosi should be required to repay all expenses incurred for her extravagant travels.  The repayment with interest should be placed in a fund to help feed American children who may have gone without food during her tenure as Speaker of the House!

As an added note, I have renamed CODEL and will forever only speak of Ms. Pelosi as the CODEL Queen that she truly is:

Carte Blanche





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  1. mom says:

    good blog….I know she’s ” entitled ” to fly free, but the excess and special requests are what really makes me mad..and because she took advantage of her position at a time the country is going down the tubes, financially, she should be required to pay back every cent !!

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