Dreaming Of A White Christmas

There is something about all the holiday preparations that makes me just want to drink my way through the 12 days of Christmas.  In fact, I personally keep many wineries in business during the month of December by purchasing and consuming large quantities of their delicious stock.  Without this liquid fuel, I would drop dead from exhaustion, frustration and anxiety.  The mere thought of finding a parking space, waiting in long lines, wrapping gifts, baking cookies, decorating the house and watching in horror as my bank account zeros out changes me into something very ugly!  Once I’ve finally reached my limit, my only thought is to throw open my cabinet, grab a glass and pour the velvety substance to the top of the rim.  Without spilling a drop, I hold the glass to my nose and inhale the stress-releasing aroma. I take a sip letting the fruity flavors entice my senses and then with one fell swoop I down the whole damned glass!

The transformation is almost instantaneous, my mood lightens and I find myself suddenly looking forward to the holidays.  WTF?

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  1. Nikki says:

    It’s funny that I read this just now. As I have sat here all night contemplating opening a bottle of wine the cowboy brought here. Thought to myself, “Maybe I will open it, drink it all and see what my mother has been talking about all these years.” Then I thought better about it as having a a headache while shopping with my ex would just make everything worse. =)

  2. mom says:

    yep, stoned on wine is the best way to face the holidays…lol

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