Scoop the Poop

Damn you Bo, stay on the sidewalk.  I forgot to “scoop the poop” this morning! I’m the president!  I refuse to be photographed stepping in your dog shit! When Obama made the extremely embarrassing statement ” I need to scoop the poop” so he could escape a $7,500-per-head dinner  last month, I thought to myself “since when do presidents scoop poop?”  Who is this man trying to fool??  We all know, that presidents don’t scoop dog poop.  If he can lie about scooping dog shit, then what else can he or does he lie about???  Now that’s a snarky thought to think about.

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  1. Joephiel says:

    It seems Obummer left Bill Clinton standing at the podium saying to him “You’re in good hands” then took off. WTF? Then how many times has he been on vacation the last 2 years?
    I’ve been studying Borderline Personality Disorders for the last year and find these types of politicians in line with the symptoms. A psycopath has No Conscience or guilt, hyper inflated arrogance about themselves. Pathological lying, and the objective is to win no matter who they hurt in the process. They can be very cunning yet under it all It’s all about them and screw everyone else. The political psycopaths are just like the typical psycopath mentioned above … see a resemblence? So we could call them “Poli-Psycoticians”! Poli-Psycoticians are the psychopathic politicians the are only in it for the perks screw anyone who gets in their way and find what ever votes (illegal immigrants, voter fraud, buying votes, etc.) to win at all cost. The sad part about a psycopath is they are UN rehabilitatable. So, why not give them the psycopath’s test to see what level of Borderline disorder they have???? Escimos who found that they had a psycopath in the tribe might take that person out and that person would accidently end up falling down the ice … I don’t thing we need to go that far but, how about sending them down the road and out of office? Hmm, Poli-Psycotician … it just might catch on …

  2. kinilani says:

    I think you have a very snarky new word here and it describes the current Potus to a tee!

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