Nancy Pelosi, The Queen of Scheme

Nancy Pelosi the Queen of Scheme

Minority leader is “MINE” she screams

Don’t cross her path, get out of her way

She insists on an over-extended stay

Democrats will continue to spiral down

With Pelosi in charge of the second go-round

Republicans chuckle with absolute glee

The liberal right has no where to flee

The Obama, Pelosi, and Reid triangle

Causes the Democratic party to wangle

But CHANGE is coming for the liberal loons

A great big elephant has entered the room

No more will she spend our taxpayer money

On her private jets and Botox honey

Republicans in congress will make damned sure

That Pelosi’s next two years are pure torture!

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  1. mom says:

    I love it…sounds just like her.. good job portraying her

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