Analyze This Obama!

Obama ran his campaign on the prescription of “change”.  His plan, once elected, was to dissect our intelligence with hypnotic words and gallons of hallucinogenic Kool-Aid. In this cartoon, the doctor of blame sits in his chair, his legs are crossed and his face is pointed upwards in an arrogant indifference.  He tells Uncle Sam that his ailment is easy to diagnose because he’s suffering from “head up the ass syndrome.”  The blame doctor explains to Uncle Sam that he must follow the recommended treatments prescribed or he will never be able to escape the horrible illness of red, white & blue patriotism that is sweeping the country. The doctor spews his usual rhetoric to the patient saying “without me as your savior Doctor you will surely die from your stupidity and ignorance if you continue to live in denial of your illness.”

Obama’s perception of the American people is that without him, we will all perish from a disease that he’s created.  He alone, sees himself as the “brilliant one” a diamond in the rough as he hides behind the ugly truth of reality with his superior attitude and constant look of disdain. “Let them eat cake” is probably his favorite quote as he observes a growing number of Americans making the decision to rally against him in an attempt to heal their patriotic souls from his cancerous socialism.  My guess is that behind closed doors he comes unraveled like a raving lunatic as he screams to Mrs. Potus about the sickly Americans that don’t appreciate his genius and how they have stopped using his nasty tonics of lies and deception.

Obama sees himself as a superior being and he expects all Americans to follow him.  However, what he refuses to see is that Uncle Sam has been gaining back his mental health over the last two years and when a rehabbed Uncle Sam stands at the polling booth this November he will make his choices wisely, carefully and with total clarity. No longer will he listen to the ramblings of a mad man who should have been placed in a straight jacket and sent to Guantanamo the day he became president.

In other words Mr. President, ANALYZE THIS!

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  1. mom says:

    I love this one…..yes the Kool-Aid drinkers are coming to their senses….BHO’s lies are not as easily swallowed now…yea analyze this Mr. POTUS !!

  2. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. kinilani says:

    Spyware, Thank you for the great comment!

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