Minnie Mouse Refuses to Wear A Headscarf!

Minnie & Mickey Mouse own theme parks all over the world where they hire people from all walks of life. They are happy tolerant rodents who appreciate the many differences in all their employees and guests.  It is after all, “A Small, Small World!” So, where is the tolerance from the Muslim woman who sued Disney Resorts last week because she can’t wear her religious headscarf to work? In my snarky opinion, she is simply looking for a “free” rollercoaster ride on the backs of my little rodent friends!  Ms. Boudhal, the “Cruella de Vil” behind this ridiculous lawsuit say’s “I’m not a character in a role, I just wear a uniform.”  Funny, she has worked at the resort for over two years in the Western-themed Storyteller’s Café without a problem.  So what happened??  Well it seems that while studying for her citizenship exam in June and reading the Disney employee manual she deduced that she was entitled to special accommodations based on her religious beliefs.  WHAT??  She accepted the job with the understanding that she would play dress-up like most people who work at Disney World are required to do.  It’s a THEME park lame brain!

Business is business and many employers require their employees to wear or not wear certain clothing or accessories.  Construction workers know that when they work at a job site they need to wear steel-toed boots, safety vests, hard hats and no jewelry. Can you just picture Joe construction worker filing a lawsuit against his employer because he can’t wear a Christian cross around his neck?  But Dude, It’s my religion!

Political, religious, ethnic and gender correctness has become a heavy burden in the United States. We Americans carry this overloaded “PC” chain around our necks day in and day out and many of us are losing our endurance with its weight.  Every “group” that’s been born here, immigrated here or crossed the border illegally to come here feel they are entitled to some special privilege.  In the future when some whiney person tells me of their insignificant issues, my reply will be “get a life, get over it, move on or get the hell out” because I for one have lost my tolerance for all this crap!

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