Obama On Driving

A rather stupid quote from our head bus driver:

When you get in your car, when you go forward, what do you do?” asked the president. “You put it in D. When you want to go back, what do you do?  You put it in R.”

The SnarkyNavel Reply:

When a packed bus is headed for a cliff driven by an arrogant bus driver hell bent on destroying the lives of his passengers and the scared passengers are screaming at the top of their lungs too “stop the bus” does the bus driver stop and listen?  No! He pushes forward, pedal-to-the-metal with malicious intent to kill all the people aboard his bus. He has NO care or concern about those passengers who boarded his bus with the promises he made of a safe journey to the land of “change!”  This is how our president and liberal government run the buses these days….with no apparent thought about the passengers they intend to drive off the cliff.

But this snarky gal knows that a much different scenario will play out and that is not what the reckless bus driver his dispatcher or mechanic are expecting  while wheeling their bus down that rocky road.   In fact, right now, a totally different bus schedule is being designed by a group of passengers who dislike the lousy service they have been receiving the last 18 months.  So, in the very near future the Leftist Liberal Bus Company may find that their buses are full of Tea Partiers and Conservatives and as the bus driver continues to head for the edge of the cliff some guy in the back of the bus is going to stand up and yell “Let’s Rock & Roll folks!”  Oh yeah!

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  2. I like this site and saw it on Yahoo search. I guess your thoughts on Obama On Driving | The Snarky Navel are right on. Thanks for writing about this and looking forward to reading more on your site.

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