“Outside, Go Potty!”

Just six short weeks ago, I had a pretty decent adult vocabulary and I could come up with some very snarky words and phrases.  Today, however, my oration sounds like this:

“Outside, Go Potty”

“Mama’s Good Boy”


“No Bark”

What turned me into a babbling idiot?  A little dog named Kimo Charlie.

My husband and I took a walk into Pet’s Hope, a pet store that rescues animals from high kill shelters and there behind a glass wall sat this adorable little guy.  Now, we already have one rescue dog, her name is Kini and she is a very old lady who doesn’t much care for younger hyper dogs.   But we were sure she would allow a playmate into her “space” once she realized the situation was permanent.  For months, we discussed adding a new member to our family but we could not seem to agree on the breed.  We both decided that we wanted a designer dog.  I wanted a Brussels Griffon and my husband wanted a Lab.  We had the great privilege of owning a rescue Lab, Morgan, many years ago, who was the light of our lives and my husband was determined to get another.   It seems that all the designer dog disagreements went out the door when we walked into Pet’s Hope.  My husband gravitated immediately to the little guy while I checked all the other dogs out.  I have never seen my husband turn to mush like he did with this dog.  He insisted that we take the little guy into a cubicle and see if “he” liked us.  Of course he liked us, we are suckers and the little guy knew this!

After much discussion, we freed the little guy from his glass walls and brought him home.  Kini, was not as happy as we were though.  No, I would say she was “pissed off” by the new member of our family and at us for having the nerve to bring this juvenile into her rather peaceful life.  So the fun began!

We were determined to be good parents and teach the little guy to grow up to be a responsible, social dog.  But four days in to our expanded family life, Kimo Charlie, being part Terrier mix investigated something too high for his little body and broke his leg.   We heard a small cry coming from our bedroom and there he stood holding up the right back leg and we knew it was bad.  So, my husband took him directly to our Veterinarian who x-rayed the leg and informed him “it’s broken, he needs surgery!”

So, to make a long expensive story short, Kimo had surgery, was in a cast three weeks, wore a cone around his neck so he would leave the staples in his leg alone and took two weeks of medication before he was finally a normal dog again.  During week two after surgery, we were desperate to go to Santa Monica for a walk but that is difficult when your baby is wearing a cast.  So, being selfish and good parents too, we purchased a doggie stroller and walked with the little guy in the stroller.  Many people looked at us as if we had lost our minds and maybe we had but nothing is too good for the little guy!

In hind sight, we could have purchased three designer dogs for the amount of money this little guy has cost us so far but we wouldn’t have a designer dog over this new love of our life, ever!

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