The Devilry of Politics

Is it possible for a politician to be moral, decent or honest?  So far, I don’t believe so. I know, that through history, some politicians were corrupt but today’s politician is not only corrupt they are down-right evil! The political arena has become the home of the devils spawn.  A hopeful politician today may start out as an upstanding citizen ready to right-the-wrong and stand up for their constituents but something vile happens once they are elected.

The entitlements that the congress and senate have set-up for themselves enables them to live a lifestyle that most of their constituents will never know.  They accumulate their wealth, Mc’mansion style homes and benefit packages befitting royalty off the backs of the hard working American taxpayer. They can’t seem to get enough of these special privileges as they rise ever higher on their wealth and power ladder.  My theory of what makes the politician sinister is that once confirmed as a senator or congressman, the newbie is escorted through the doors to the devils political arena where he or she is greeted by the sinister black hooded brood. The high priestess standing at her podium slams down hard with her gavel thus starting the initiation ritual.  At this point, any decency, morality or honesty that this green politician had is swept into the pit of fire and consumed by the flames of hell.

The rules for politicians are made by politicians.  That wonderful document called the Constitution has been infected with “change” to enhance the politician’s lust for greed.  The indoctrination process instills into the newly elected official that their only goal is to obtain as much power and wealth as possible.  They are instructed on how to achieve longevity of office with continual campaigning, redesigning their districts to ensure more votes and bargaining with soul-less members of other organizations in the underworld!  As the ritual comes to an end Satan himself emerges howling at the newly installed beast that he must pledge his oath to the political netherworld.  With a new found ugliness the politician repeats the pledge that all politicians before him have taken: “I swear to spew rhetoric, cheat, lie, bribe or extort so that I might be elevated to a higher position in the government so help me Satan.”   If, he should succeed in this unholy pledge, this monster will be looked upon by his fellow horned demons as the epitome of success!

To those of you reading this there may be hope as November is just around the corner and we must vote to purge the devilry from the people’s government!”

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