Bad, Bad Press Stop Asking Questions!

It looks like Press Secretary Robert Gibbs can’t handle the heat!  So, he scolds the bad, bad Press at the West Wing on Friday because they’re asking some hard hitting questions. It’s so easy to stand at your little podium with an arrogant attitude and wave your hand and say “I’m not going to answer that question.”  Well guess what Mr. Gibbs, you’re in the arena where the big boys and girls play and you had better have some straight forward honest  answers to the questions the press throw at you.  After all, it’s your job!  The media is everywhere so you can’t run, you can’t hide and you can’t lie because the truth always comes out in the end.   A “transparent administration” is what your boss promised so how about living up to that pledge!  While you’re learning to play the media game think about this, Jane & Joe America are listening to every word that this administration utters and so far, we aren’t too happy!

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    I LIKE IT…

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