The French Bulldog Guest

My youngest daughter called last week to see if it would be possible to leave her French Bulldog Omelette with us for a few days while she and her boyfriend were out of town.  I was thrilled that she felt comfortable enough to ask us.  Omelette, is my daughter’s baby and she receives nothing less than the ultimate care.  She enjoys the daily life of a pampered pooch with a personal dog walker, doggie day care and dog camps that provide extended care when her Mommy & Daddy are out of town.  All of this “special care” comes at a price but money means absolutely nothing to my daughter when it comes to Omelette.  We were given a long list of instructions for Omi’s care while staying with us and I have included the shorten version below:

  1. Feed her morning and night, no treats except what is packed in her bag.  She has allergies so she cannot consume anything with wheat, oats or gluten.  Small bits of meat are acceptable but no Bologna. If she’s too excited she might not eat so just leave her food out.
  2. Her pee and poop times are 8:00am, 6:00pm and again at 11:00pm.
  3. Don’t let her sleep in bed with you because she snores really loud!
  4. Frenchies can’t tolerate heat so make sure she isn’t in the sun for too long.
  5. If anything goes wrong, please call me!

The reason Omelette has never stayed with us in the past is partly due to the fact that we have a very old dog that does not care for the exuberance of youth.  In fact, she doesn’t like any other dogs in her palace period.  The last few times that Omelette has visited her castle Omi has shown a more grown up respect for the old Queen thus making it more plausible for us to keep her.  Omelette’s first afternoon with us proved to be quite funny.  The old Queen growled from under our bed letting the unwelcomed guest know right from the start that she had better keep her distance.  Our cat was quickly booted from her throne too when she realized that Omi does not appreciate the sophistication of felines.  Once kitty flew out the door Omi was in hot pursuit! But, kitty chasing quickly subsided when Omi remembered our backyard and all the creatures that needed to be hunted.

We have a very large tree in the yard that has a squirrel feeder and our weekend guest was mesmerized by the squirrel activity.  She tried to jump up the tree with her stubby legs and she ran numerous circles around the tree with her short little neck straining ever upwards so as not to lose sight of her target.  The birds also proved to be a delight for the huntress as she ran back and forth from squirrel feeder to the bird bath grunting and snorting from all the excitement. Oh, the twinkle in her eyes and the smile on her face as she enjoyed these new challenges.

All fun days must come to an end and soon it was bedtime for the old Queen and the caretakers but Omi had other ideas.
We placed her bed away from the Queens chambers and told her to go to sleep.  “Whaaaaaaat” was the look on her face “ain’t happening folks!”  So, for the next hour and half, this bull in a china shop did everything she could think of to get into our bed.  What frustrated her to the point of insanity is that our bed is three feet from the floor which is not an attainable goal for a short stocky dog.  Totally exhausted she finally gave it up and went to sleep only to find that I rise at 4:30am to go to work.  She slowly followed me into the bathroom and with a loud snort stared up at me with a look of “why are you up lady it’s still dark outside.”  However, as soon as the backdoor opened up a light in her little head went off and suddenly she realized that another day of hunting had begun! “Yippeeeeee!”

The weekend is almost over and our little worn out guest is napping on the chair in our bedroom as I write this blog.  Her snoring is loud assuring me that she is dreaming of her weekend retreat and the fun that it brought.  We hope you come again little friend because you brought us many smiles, hysterical laughter and so much love.

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