I Don’t Cry For You Francentina

It is written, that our friends the French are protesting a new radical idea by their fearless leader Nicolas Sarkozy.  His proposal is to up the retirement age of the French worker from its current 55 year set point.   My response to the protesting French “I don’t cry for you Francentina!”    As far as I can see, you French have nothing to bitch about with your 35 hour work week and your guaranteed 5 weeks paid vacation at the start of any job you take.  Spare me your misery if you find yourselves suddenly having to work another 5 years before you can retire.  In other words Frenchie “welcome to my world!”

We Americans, have a retirement age of 66 which will rise again to age 67 fairly soon and with the way our government spends my hard earned tax dollars, I expect a possible retirement around age 70.  If I’m lucky!  In addition, to my possible retirement plan, my company provides one week of paid vacation after one year of service.  After slaving for ten long years I receive a generous three weeks paid vacation which cannot be taken all at once.  Oh, and that 35 hour work week you French have well try a forty plus work week here in the states.  What a bunch of whiners you French are!

In the article, where I read about this French travesty one man was quoted

They can do what they want in other places.  We’re in France,” he said. “It’s not a privilege. It’s a right.”

Pardon me, but what a bunch of arrogant, sniffling people you French really are.  You pampered little poodles are going to have to suck it up like the rest of the world and accept the fact that with ballooning budget deficits, the huge bail out to Greece and a decline in the French population there just aren’t enough euro dollars to support retirement at age 55!  So go ahead and whine, protest, stomp your feet, throw your little tantrums but my guess is, you poor little French citizens will probably have to keep working a few more years.  Boo hoo!

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