Meter Light Game

This is one of those blogs that must be written because it proves my point that the world is full of moronic idiots.  So here goes.  I’m driving to work one early morning wishing that I was still in bed and not having to face the day ahead.  I drive my car to the freeway on-ramp and low and behold the “Meter On” light is flashing.  Crap!  This means, getting on the ramp and waiting as the little frigging light at the top of the ramp turns “red” to stop or “green” to go.  So the game begins. The cars are piled back to the start of the ramp and I barely squeeze my game piece into the long line.  I check my phone while I’m waiting to inch my game piece a little further up the ramp.   A very few seconds pass and I realize that the player ahead of me hasn’t moved.  My eyes gaze up to the very first game piece at the top of the ramp and then I notice it.  The red/green light is a solid GREEN!  WTF!  GO you moron! These imbeciles in the cars ahead of me all sit there like a bunch of sheeple waiting for player number one to lead the way. No one honks their horn they just sit there oblivious to the fact that their fearless leader is holding up this long line of cars.

I think to myself, doesn’t the leader in this freeway game know the rules?  We all take the same driving test and each one of us uses this same ramp everyday like the good little sheeple should.  So why does this one stupid driver not notice that the light is GREEN?  “&%#$*&^%$#” I say to myself as I hit my horn. Beep, beep, friggin beep!  Suddenly, the other players in the freeway game come to life and they too begin honking their horns as if they knew all along what was wrong with the game.  The leader of the game is now confused and doesn’t want to risk going forward because that light might just turn red and he doesn’t want to get a ticket from the game master.  So our leader waits just a few more seconds and the game players in the cars behind him are getting angrier, the horns are blaring and one irate player pulls out of the pack moving his game piece into the carpool lane and heads up the ramp.  Now that player is bold, a winner in the game of freeway driving. Not wanting to lose the game, our leader, eases his game piece on to the freeway and two other game pieces follow him.

Now the game is moving and all the players will get to their sheeple posts on time.  But suddenly the strategy of the game changes and the frickin red/green light decides it’s now ready to flash RED!   WTF!  Okay, so I lost the game today but in my mind I’m already thinking about what strategic move to use tomorrow.

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  1. Bruzzy says:

    I recommend living in a smaller community. Everyone has a name. And everyone knows everyone. If they don’t move on a green light, everyone knows it.

  2. Nikki says:

    In case you didn’t know, Sheeple are a strange race of people. Sheeple lack common sense. One can look back and ponder the whole Nature vs. Nurture theory, but I think its a mixture of bad genes and lazy role models. Just a theory…

  3. Kookie says:

    Bruzzy is correct.

    In Mtn Home there is NO need for “Meter Lights” we have a By-pass that is about 5 miles long and only have at the most maybe 20 traffic lights. I like small towns

  4. kinilani says:

    Kookie don’t forget that I live in liberal loon ville where weird things are possible.

  5. kinilani says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you Bruzzy! I’d have to sell my home to do move to a smaller town and California homes aren’t worth the cost of the materials they were built with so I wouldn’t make any money! LOL

  6. kinilani says:

    Nikki I totally agree with you! Thanks for the snarkiest remark!

  7. Wierd Boy says:

    My biggest pet peeve! Sometimes I do get in the carpool on ramp lane….I hate the wait when I’m in a hurry – 99% of the time!

  8. kinilani says:

    Weird Boy if you pull into the carpool lane to escape the idiots stopped at the light, then you are a BOLD player of the meter light game!

  9. Michelle says:

    I recommend living in a smaller community. Everyone has a name. And everyone knows everyone. If they don’t move on a green light, everyone knows it.

  10. kinilani says:

    I agree with you Michelle. In fact, living in a smaller community might be fun because the idiot who doesn’t move during the green light would have his/her picture posted in the daily newspaper as a LOSER of the Meter Light Game!

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  12. Daniel says:

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