Santa Monica Beach

My husband and I walk at Santa Monica beach every weekend.  There is a specific walking path for people who walk or run and a specific path for bike riders or skate boarders. It’s really a beautifully planned design to accommodate all outdoor enthusiasts.  However, too often, there are idiot walkers who can’t seem to follow the rules.  They walk in the bike path causing people on bikes or skate boards to make Cirque de Soleil moves to avoid them.  There are freaking signs posted everywhere that indicate walking or biking paths but these morons just ignore the signs and do their own thing.  They walk in the bike path totally oblivious to bikes, roller blades, segways or skate boarders.  Another irritating move of these rude and crude walkers is they tend to walk in groups of four or more people across taking up the entire space of the walk or bike path that they stroll on pretending to be in la la land.  Are these jerks so narcissistic that they don’t see what’s going on around them?

Maybe these idiots are tourists but in my snarky book that’s no excuse.  If you see, that most people, are walking on one path and people on bikes are zooming by on another path, then tourist or not, you should be able to figure out the scene dude!!  WTF is wrong with these stupid people?

We have actually witnessed young children almost run over by skate boarders because their stupid ass parents have them walking on the bike path.  The parents then have the nerve to yell at the skate boarder for almost killing their kid.  While witnessing this hysteria, I want to yell out to these idiotic parents “it’s your fault moron you’re walking on the bike path!”

When these unbelievable scenes happen I just say to myself “take a deep breath in and let the anger out.”  What else can you do?  Besides, we are walking there to enjoy the beach, sunny weather and fresh air as we try to de-stress and let our worries fade away for a few short hours.  But on the drive home what do we talk about?  We talk about the stupid ass morons.  Go figure!

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  1. MOM says:

    Another good one !!!! It makes one wonder why these people are allowed to walk among us, and BREED ! bringing more stupid people into this crazy world. I really think a lot of people simply don’t bother reading sign’s anymore !!!!

  2. Kookie says:

    ROFLMAO, must be BO people

  3. kinilani says:

    Be very careful Mom because “they’re out there!”

  4. I appreciate you for the advice! Let me give it a try.

  5. Sup homie read a couple of your other pages and thought you would up for exchanging links Thanks again for taking the time to put this online.

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