No Cussing?

Memo: All parents in California need to get the bars of soap out and prepare the time out corners because the No Cussing Movement is at hand.

A delightfully astute sixteen year old from Pasadena came up with the “No Cussing Movement” last year and our state assembly will decided today to make this a state wide, week long, annual event every March.  While I think this young person should be commended for coming up with this idea the sarcastic part of me is thinking: “Golly gee Wally, we really shouldn’t be cussing!”

WTF are we living in the 1950”s?  Do our legislators have so much free time on their hands that they can spend precious minutes debating whether cussing is a bad thing? Hello!!!  Do they not realize that California is sinking into a financial abyss?

During the time of California’s “Good & Plenty” years, this would have been a wonderful thing to pass and celebrate but we are in a bloody financial mess that they can’t seem to fix.  On second thought, they have come up with more of their usual “fixes” like a new surcharge on fuel, sales tax for all internet sales, releasing prisoners from jail and cutting state worker’s pay.  Have our legislators cut their own pay?  Oh, silly me and fiddly-de what the ^%$#& do I know?

What about a good discussion on stripping the budget bare?  No more freebies, no more spending and no more entitlement programs.  How about a website that indicates each and every dollar received in taxes and how that money is actually spent?  No, that’s too difficult a task for our arrogant “we know more about government than the people we represent” legislators. After all, that’s why they got elected because they are smart, they are the cream of the crop, they can do anything and they never fail!  Bull Shit!

I would love to be a little fly buzzing around the wall’s of government during the week of “No Cussing” so I could lay a little bit of shit on each and everyone of our legislator’s each time they fail this new plan.


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  1. Kookie says:

    No cussing movement,what a joke. WTF is the matter with this country? Just the other day Joe Biden VP of this Great United States let go with a “F” Bomb on a open mike.

  2. Mumble says:

    Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

  3. wjgrun says:

    You have tested it and writing form your personal experience or you find some information online?

  4. kinilani says:

    Wjgrun thanks for the reply. Most of the crap I write about is from personal experience or something I have read or heard about that totally angers me. I actually love being Snarky…lol

  5. kinilani says:

    Thanks Mumble! No copy writer here just a twisted brain that never shuts up!

  6. kinilani says:

    Kookie, are you telling me that our government officials cuss?? LOL
    Joe Biden has a mouth with a loose hinge that needs some tightening!

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